Live Bait vs. Artificial Bait – Gulp!?

Live Bait vs. Artificial Bait - Gulp vs. Live Bait Does Live Bait Catch More than Artificial Plastic

The Fish Decide Which is Better Live Bait vs. Artificial Bait  in scientific testing – Gulp by Berkley vs. Real Grubs by God –  it is on like Donkey Kong. We wanted to take equal parts live bait vs artificial bait of equal quantity by price to see which would catch more fish for your dollar. In order to keep our tests fair pitting the live bait vs artificial, we did the best we could to keep all fishing components, time and skill the same. Both would need a precise, equal shot so that the measurement would give a true result.

Live Bait vs. Artificial - Gulp vs. Live Bait Does Live Bait Catch More vs Artificial

Live Bait vs. Artificial - Showdown!

The best way to tell which catches the most fish is ALWAYS to let the fish decide. Live bait vs. artificial bait is a topic that intrigued us because many purchase artificial baits, but do they work? Humans, especially those who run bait companies, might not be the best to ask when it comes to eating artificial baits vs. live bait -eating live bait (real food). Of course the artificial bait company is going to twist its results and only perform tests which favor their baits to create packaging statements such as “Outfishes All Live Bait”. Our guess was that live bait would be the tastiest and more closely resemble food than artificial bait would. When we saw claims that Gulp Outfishes all other bait – were were intrigued.

We ran our live bait vs. artificial bait test, using the same equipment and our goal was to see if artificial bait would catch more fish than live bait. We used the same hook, same line, same leader, same float and the same angler to execute the tests. There were 3 sets of 3 tests for each of the baits. The best way we could do the test was to pit $24 of Gulp vs. $24 of grubs so that there would be an even playing field for these two baits.

Live Bait vs. Artificial – the Test

The test was run on a public water with two witnesses and counters and two separate bags were used to keep fish to count them following each :30 min. fishing test segment. The same angler was used for all the segments. The angler is used to fishing for larger quantities of fish and his usual competitions run 4 hours. The test time would be run over the period of 3 hours.

See the results which show a clear winner. Note that the Gulp Maggots were used and Gulp claims to “Out fishes all other bait!” and “Outfishes live bait in field tests”. You can download a copy of the test by clicking on the picture above or see if Live Bait Catches More Fish Than Artificial Bait Here.

P.S. – we are going to try more tests coming up because we feel that the difference could be even greater with a slight change in the testing. We’ll again ask the fish to decide.

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