Chicago Fishing Lessons – Group Fishing Classes – Fall 2014

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Chicago Fishing Lessons  2014

Fishing Lessons – Group Classes

Call 630-235-2162 to  request special classes, special group lessons or to book private lessons.

Next Lessons – We start lessons back up the April 19th, 2014. Registration Opens April 1st.

Space is limited, sign up to reserve your classes.
Your next chance to hook up with an instructor will be at the upcoming fishing shows. Look for information on which booth to meet up with us on the site.




Author:Fishing School

I run a Chicago suburban fishing club with social fishing events, I teach fishing and am bringing old-time tackle forgetting, neglected and "supposedly replaced" by new-fangled lures BACK! The death of fishing has been greatly exaggerated. The truth is companies trying to strike it rich came up with great snake oils, elixirs and potions called "lures". These lures worked much better on anglers who hit these things on shelves than they worked on the end users - the fish. Well - America has old tackle boxes filled to the brim with these things and anglers parents have forgotten their roots - they don't know how to catch fish. When the fishing gets tough, near cities, in tough fishing conditions the odds are too much. WRONG. If you keep your tackle box shut and keep your mind open, you can catch fish using simple tactics and tackle rigs. I am making these available because this fishing changed my life. I have fished in 3 World Championships for Team U.S.A. and fished in 8 countries for America. Fishing is about action and catching fish. Fishing isn't switching lures until you give up. It's about catching lots of fish and big fish. I am taking my experience and bringing it to you so you can have success near home on a pond, lake or stream closest to home. Get inspired, listen to my podcast, try some new tactics because these are tactics that are 100s of years old and THEY WORK. - Johnny