June 22nd – 23rd Chicago Fishing Fundraiser

Chicago Fishing Fundraiser

Chicago Fishing Fundraiser – June 22nd to June 23rd

Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser to Help Families

Attempt to break Guinness World Record for most fish caught in a 24-Hour Period – it’s on. Witness and help history in the making. Ok – the big number for me last Spring was of fish I caught in one day –  2,011 fish caught in 24 hours. While this is short of the World Record, it was a great day and a great fundraiser. I will give it a go again this season and I need your help in this Chicago Fishing Fundraiser. I had a lot of help from people, support staff and the Oakbrook Terrace Park District for allowing me to set up and fish a 24-hour event.

We will need your help during the event – families and children are welcome (school will be out!).

Even a few members of the bigbluegill.com helped out last year-thank you! I ask for your help and attention – save the date (June 22nd – June 23rd). Save up some pennies or change in a jar. I will be asking people make donations to a direct online site or send in a donation. You can donate per fish if you would like – just a penny, a nickel per fish or get in the spirit and make a tax-deductible donation to Ronald McDonald Charities. If you work at a company, I can send you a flyer and have everyone join in on the action. This is a great team-building activity and it will feel great for a group to band together and raise a few dollars or a bunch.

Chicago Fishing Fundraiser

I will be dong this Guinness World Record attempt again this May or June 1st weekend. If you are in the area and interested in helping out, we will be raising money for Ronald McDonald House Charities – a great charity that helps families of very sick children to feel at home while away-from-home during serious hospital stays and life-saving surgeries. When these families stay away from home the expenses mount. Hotel, food, transportation and other expenses can rack up for weeks. Also, families lose income from work while away and in the end, they have a massive problem just making ends meet in the end, their children are still very sick or in a long-recovery. The charity does a huge service to families in a horrible situation.   They have armies of volunteers and people donate change at restaurants. I hope we can form a fishing army and band together for a great cause. I will be trying to land a ton of bluegills and raise a bunch of money for people most down on their luck, to give them some strength when all the chips are down or worse.   Thanks for reading – I will have to start a thread when I get more details. If you are in the Chicago area that weekend (the weekend after Memorial Day) and can help out – I will need judges around the clock to count fish. Many bluegills! We can use all the help – bring a friend and pitch in.

To volunteer or for information on donating – please call 630.235.2162. There are 4 sponsorship opportunities for this event. I need your help. One prime sponsorship is available for $1,000. I have 3 major sponsorships open for $650 ea. as event supporter. Event supporters will receive event signage and listings within the media releases.

Individual donations please make checks directly payable to Ronald McDonald House Charities and these are tax deductible.  Let’s go get them! A few more fish and a few more dollars raised for charity this year. Green plus yellow would equal the World Record. 638 fish shy, work to be done.

World Record Attempt Fishing 24 Hours

- Johnny

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I run a Chicago suburban fishing club with social fishing events, I teach fishing and am bringing old-time tackle forgetting, neglected and "supposedly replaced" by new-fangled lures BACK! The death of fishing has been greatly exaggerated. The truth is companies trying to strike it rich came up with great snake oils, elixirs and potions called "lures". These lures worked much better on anglers who hit these things on shelves than they worked on the end users - the fish. Well - America has old tackle boxes filled to the brim with these things and anglers parents have forgotten their roots - they don't know how to catch fish. When the fishing gets tough, near cities, in tough fishing conditions the odds are too much. WRONG. If you keep your tackle box shut and keep your mind open, you can catch fish using simple tactics and tackle rigs. I am making these available because this fishing changed my life. I have fished in 3 World Championships for Team U.S.A. and fished in 8 countries for America. Fishing is about action and catching fish. Fishing isn't switching lures until you give up. It's about catching lots of fish and big fish. I am taking my experience and bringing it to you so you can have success near home on a pond, lake or stream closest to home. Get inspired, listen to my podcast, try some new tactics because these are tactics that are 100s of years old and THEY WORK. - Johnny