Fishing Radio Show Podcast

Fishing Radio Show Tune into the Radio Showgram Anytime More great radio fishing tips, stories and tackle advice coming in 2016! Download ON-Demand fishing radio show – The Fishing School using ...

Cook County Trout Fishing Opener

Chicago Suburban Fishing League 2016

Chicago Suburban Fishing League 2016   Fish the waters around Chicago Suburbs with the Chicago Fishing League. Meet up with other people in the Chicago Fishing League & Club. This ...

Chicago Fishing Classes - Learn to Fish Classes

Fishing Classes – Chicago Suburbs

Fishing Classes – Learn in the Chicago Burbs 2015 Chicago Area Group Fishing Classes Start in One WEEK! The Chicago Fishing School will be holding group fishing classes and lessons ...

Snell Ninja Hook Tyer

Catching Fish Isn’t Complex

Catching Fish Isn’t Complex Catching Fish isn’t complex- it’s in the details. Tackle of the shelves is often bad, lines, hooks and plastic bobbers in stores will kill your fishing quickly. Poor bait will also cut your catch. To put together a good catching system is easier and less expensive than you may think. You […]

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World Record most Fish Caught During 24-Hour Period

Match Fishing & Catching More Fish

My presentation at FishTales Fishing club is posted here so I could share some of my match fishing experiences and the sport of shore fishing. There are 3 different things to watch that I spoke about at the club. Italian Men’s team preparation for World Championships Watch the gear (this is for one angler, the […]

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Fall Trout Rainbow Fishing Limit - Inland Trout Fishing Chicago

Cook County Fall Trout Stocking

FOREST PRESERVES OF COOK COUNTY PREPARES FOR FALL TROUT FISHING SEASON Sep 30, 2016 Nearly 7,000 pounds of fish will be added to fishing lakes for Fall Trout season The Forest Preserves of Cook County is pleased to announce the 2016 fall trout inland fishing season, opening on Saturday, Oct. 15, at Busse Reservoir–North Pool […]

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Chicago Fishing Lesson

Register for Fall Fishing Classes

Fall Fishing Classes Here Chicago Area Fall Fishing Classes available starting in 2 weeks. Registration is open. The class schedule is now listed for Southwest & North locations. New and experienced fishers should take the 3-course series (F1, F2 + F3) to improve your catching.

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2016 Fall Chicago Area Trout Stocking

2016 Fall Chicago Area Fall Trout Stocking Map, Tips The following are Chicago Area Trout Stocking locations. You will be able to find new trout stocking locations around Chicago and within a short drive. Explore these lakes for new fishing spots all stocked for the 2016 trout fishing season. This trout fishing map is current […]

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Chicago Magazine Fishing Lessons

Chicago Fishing Guide Featured in: This summer our Chicago fishing guide and fishing lessons were featured in Chicago Magazine by author Rod O’Connor who booked a fishing class with his father. He covered the experience and learning to catch fish in a great article. You can read the article here: Fishing Guide Article . Thanks again to Rod, his Father […]

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Want to Catch More Trout?

Trout Pellet & Bait Catapult Stocked trout fishing around Chicago, Illinois and many states starts up this week! If you want some tips to catch more trout – read a few of these tips to help you with tools, baits and tricks to catch more of the stocked trout near you! There is even a […]

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rotenone poisoned fish gasps for air

Downers Grove – Will They Kill Millions of Fish?

Downers Grove to Murder It’s Fish? A dying fish gasping for air during the rotenone poisoning process > Downers Grove is planning on dredging it’s Barth Pond at Patriot’s Park on 55th Street, but will the Downers Grove Park District do it without killing millions of fish and the best fishing in Northern Illinois? According to […]

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Live Bait Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Store Update

Fishing Tackle Store Update Cart Upgrades Complete, New Tackle Added – Telescopic Fishing Poles Coming Soon!!! Our partner site – has upgraded its store cart and added new products. In speaking with the store, they are planning on doubling the products offered and focusing in on fishing components not available in the U.S. that […]

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Snuffy Seal Released Video, Sharkweek Seal Ad

Fishing Radio Show | Links to Fishing Tips and Fishing Fun

Fishing Radio Show Resources From the latest fishing show gram podcast fun stories from around the web covered on the fishing show (Wednesday nights live and on demand) Follow the showgram live on – Fishing School. Putin Embarrassed by Belarus president – landing much bigger fish: Carp Fishing Growing Nationwide – Fly Fishing for […]

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Aquarium Fish Released Into Wild Do Damage

Aquarium Fish Released Into Wild Do Damage Aquarium fish released into the wild do damages because they can transfer disease, parasites and can alter a local ecosystem destroying native fishes. People shouldn’t ever consider helping to have their aquarium fish released into the wild – it is a bad idea. In some cases the released […]

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World Record most Fish Caught During 24-Hour Period

2,011 Fish Caught in One Day – World Record Fish Caught in 24-Hours

World Record Fish Caught in One Day – Guinness Official Attempt Falls Short 2,011 Fish Caught in One Day- Illinois State Record Oakbrook Terrace, IL – 2,011 Fish Caught in One Day is a new Illinois State Record, but falls just short of the current World Record for most fish caught in a 24-hour period. World Record […]

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Fishing Birthday for Kids & Families

Fishing Birthday for Kids Fishing Birthday party? Could it be – yes it is. With April Showers come May flowers and time to fish around Northern Illinois and Chicago! Weather in April was less than desirable up here, averaging some 20 degrees below normal with damaging high winds- not weather you want to fish in. […]

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