Fishing Radio Show Podcast

Fishing Radio Show Tune into the Radio Showgram Wednesday Nights – All Summer Long More great radio fishing tips, stories and tackle advice coming in 2015! Tune in live or ...

Cook County Trout Fishing Opener

Chicago Suburban Fishing League 2015

Chicago Suburban Fishing League 2015   Fish the waters around Chicago Suburbs with the Chicago Fishing League. Meet up with other people in the Chicago Fishing League & Club. This ...

Chicago Fishing Classes - Learn to Fish Classes

Fishing Classes – Chicago Suburbs

Fishing Classes – Learn in the Chicago Burbs 2015 Chicago Area Group Fishing Classes Start in One WEEK! The Chicago Fishing School will be holding group fishing classes and lessons ...

205 Fish Caught in DuPage County

Chicago Match Fishing

Chicago Match Fishing Matches are back! If you are within driving distance of Northern Illinois and interested in attending a match – we are holding matches again in 2015! A separate match fishing site will be launching soon with schedule, locations and information on joining. To make it easy on match anglers – the entire […]

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Outdoors Chicago Fishing Show 2013 Rosemont Seminar Speaker Johnny Wilkins - Fishing Show Seminars

2015 Fishing Classes

2015 Classes Are Here Classes will be forming held indoors in winter to get you a head start on your fishing. Two locations will feature three get-started classes suitable for any level starting in late February and running through April. Indoor classes will give you the essential edge you need to catch a whole bunch […]

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Why Floats Work in Tough Conditions

  Watch this video and you will see physics of fishing feeding. Once you see how every fish feeds (just like this one) you will understand why it is so important to have an excellent bite detector and a well-balanced small float. When food moves on a hook into the fish’s mouth, the angler only […]

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Trout Bite Slow at Opener

The trout bite started off slow again this Fall. While a very few anglers picked off eager (and not bright) fish from the stocked trout season in Chicago, other anglers not lucky enough to tap into these fish have struggled in the first two days of fishing. The tale (or tail) of two cities, some […]

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Want to Catch More Trout?

Trout Pellet & Bait Catapult Sound strange? The bait catapult method might be the most sure-fire method to catch stocked trout. Reacting to sound and the falling action of falling pellets in the water column really get trout active. The method calls for a bagged small pellet to be fired out using a small catapult. Little and […]

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Chicago Fishing Club & League August Events

Chicago August Fishing Events   Chicago Suburban Fishing Club & League – Fun Events We need to recruit some people who would fish for fun, a little competition and a lot of fish-catching around Chicago. League events haven’t drawn people. Who’s ready to fish? If you can make it to either event- August 2nd or […]

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rotenone poisoned fish gasps for air

Downers Grove – Will They Kill Millions of Fish?

Downers Grove to Murder It’s Fish? A dying fish gasping for air during the rotenone poisoning process > Downers Grove is planning on dredging it’s Barth Pond at Patriot’s Park on 55th Street, but will the Downers Grove Park District do it without killing millions of fish and the best fishing in Northern Illinois? According to […]

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Chicago Fishing Fundraiser

June 22nd – 23rd Chicago Fishing Fundraiser

Chicago Fishing Fundraiser – Labor Day Weekend (updated) Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser to Help Families Attempt to break Guinness World Record for most fish caught in a 24-Hour Period – it’s on. Witness and help history in the making. Ok – the big number for me last Spring was of fish I caught in one day […]

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Live Bait Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Store Update

Fishing Tackle Store Update Cart Upgrades Complete, New Tackle Added – Telescopic Fishing Poles Coming Soon!!! Our partner site – has upgraded its store cart and added new products. In speaking with the store, they are planning on doubling the products offered and focusing in on fishing components not available in the U.S. that […]

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Snuffy Seal Released Video, Sharkweek Seal Ad

Fishing Radio Show | Links to Fishing Tips and Fishing Fun

Fishing Radio Show Resources From the latest fishing show gram podcast fun stories from around the web covered on the fishing show (Wednesday nights live and on demand) Follow the showgram live on – Fishing School. Putin Embarrassed by Belarus president – landing much bigger fish: Carp Fishing Growing Nationwide – Fly Fishing for […]

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Aquarium Fish Released Into Wild Do Damage

Aquarium Fish Released Into Wild Do Damage Aquarium fish released into the wild do damages because they can transfer disease, parasites and can alter a local ecosystem destroying native fishes. People shouldn’t ever consider helping to have their aquarium fish released into the wild – it is a bad idea. In some cases the released […]

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World Record most Fish Caught During 24-Hour Period

2,011 Fish Caught in One Day – World Record Fish Caught in 24-Hours

World Record Fish Caught in One Day – Guinness Official Attempt Falls Short 2,011 Fish Caught in One Day- Illinois State Record Oakbrook Terrace, IL – 2,011 Fish Caught in One Day is a new Illinois State Record, but falls just short of the current World Record for most fish caught in a 24-hour period. World Record […]

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Black Friday Fishing Specials

Black Friday Fishing Specials

Black Friday Fishing Specials 2014 We’ve got your black Friday fishing specials – score! We put together a list of great fishing tackle specials, free lures, free muskie lure and even 50% off some cool trolling and tightening rod holders log into these sites on Friday. Some are limited, most start at Friday at 6 […]

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Club Fishing Outing Oct. 18 [MOVED]

Trout Fishing If you would like to meet our fishing club – join us out at (new location – call). Club members can show up for the free trout fishing clinic on Saturday – 12 p.m. – 1 p.m., or prospective fishing club members or friends, join us at 1 p.m. on Saturday and fish for stocked trout. TWO […]

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